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9 Secrets of True Love

Love has been the subject of countless books, ancient tablets and even ancient drawings in caves. Every one of you felt or at least talked about love in some point of your life. However, the complexities that accompany the feeling of love have always remained as a mystery and hard to comprehend.

I would like to give you a very short introduction of myself to share my point of view. There are three people inside of me, three characters and three personalities. I am a Gemini after all. I know it is a complicated sign. If you are reading this article, there is a great chance that you have some kind of heartache because of love and have looked at the stars for an answer. All jokes aside, I am not going to base my article to star positions. Love has a sense of humor and I wanted to activate that energy as you start reading about it.

One of my characters in me is a businessman. I come from a family of merchants, raised as one and I am a proud member who continues centuries old tradition. My second character is a scientist and an engineer. I studied computer science, taught for many years in a university and I am still an engineer at work. My third character is a poet, lover, and man of God. Many of my acquaintances are only familiar with only one of my characters or my summarized version since I do not think anyone can stand a person in extremes.

I believe in God and I am very religious. No, I do not believe in religions named by people. I do not follow single sect of belief. I neither go to synagogue, church or mosque every week nor pray five times a day. I have built a church of God in my heart that cannot be demolished by the hands of man or by natural disasters. This church does not have a clergy except the only ONE who is the Architect of this whole entire realm. The bells of my church rings about ninety times a minute that reminds me the existence of this Supreme Being and invites me to thank in a prayer.

I have studied religions of the world my whole life and followed a path of research which I am still on. I have experienced miracles that 'mind' cannot comprehend and have been carried through Niagara Falls of feelings which led me to write this article. I know that you are all asking many questions about love since early ages. I hope that this article will help you relieve some of your concerns and soothe the pain of burn in your heart. The love that is the topic of my article is not an ordinary love. We can describe life as a poker game. When you are ahead of the game and winning, you can settle in with what you have and call that love. Alternatively, you can wait for the true and pure love which you must go all in! You will either win everything or lose everything. But, that love will be everything regardless of the outcome. It is that love which I will be expounding in this article.

#1. Wait! Be patient

Love is not a business. You cannot create love by force or by working hard. You do not have to watch for opportunities to be successful. You need to leave this feeling alone, and never think about it. You need to stop worrying about being alone for the rest of your life. If there is someone out there that is meant for you, you will meet him or her under the circumstances that you will not be able to comprehend just how it happened. I want you to think about governments of the world. Even though there is one president of any government, there are many ministers and advisors as well as several layers of directors and managers all the way to the single individual. Most governments have short and long term plans that take account of events for the next hundred years or more. Do you really think that the creator of the biggest government of all that thought about the perfect synchronization of billions of cells in your body will forget you? You are part of a divine plan that is designed by the most perfect. Have faith and trust this power.

There are several layers of angels and other beings in between who is responsible for your well-being. You are being watched. You are being listened to. Don’t be afraid to talk to them. You are not alone and you will never be.

Love can find you at the age of 24, 48 or 60. It really does not matter when you meet love since it is not something you will only physically enjoy in your body, but something to carry along in your eternal soul.

The key point however is to wait. Let the divine plan roll out in its own time. Do not stain your heart with your own or others’ impurities. Does this also mean to abstain from sexual relationships? Even though it is not required, the answer is: Absolutely! The reason of this is not what you read in your religious book or what you hear from your parents or your reverend. People are usually prone to misinterpret the words of God due to their propensity of self-interest. If you follow often misinterpreted strict rules of religions, then getting married makes everything Okay. Marriage is a decision of two human beings performed in front of another human being in charge for approval. It is a business contract which is actually pretty out of date that will lose its value in near future. I want to introduce you to another view to you. Think of yourself as half of another. Two pieces that make one. You do not own or constitute the whole by yourself alone. If you ever shared anything with somebody else such as a roommate etc., you would know how difficult it is to be in perfect harmony as it requires sacrifices from both sides for the common good. There is another component that makes you complete, in this life or another. You need to show respect to each other. If you start inviting others into the house of ONE that do not deserve you, then you and your other half will have to work together to clean this house which will be a burden. Try to keep it clean! This will give you more time to enjoy Oneness for eternity. Timing will be based on the divine plan that ticks on the clock of the Architect, not yours. Be patient!

#2. Love has no history

The true and pure love has no history. It has no packages. It is you as an individual that bring trash from history or baggage from your past. Your trash will be collected and cleaned out eventually. There is no room for jealousy. There is no room for regret. Love is prior to history. Pure Love will be your first love. You will never love anything prior to it. You may wonder how this is possible if you have been to many relationships and could not find love. You already know that the first person you love was not pure at all. However, true Love is the first love and you have already met that love. It is encoded in your soul. The first mistake people make is to look for love. You cannot find love. Love must find you. If you follow rule number one and truly wait for it to come to you, you will eventually see yourself in the arms of that love without any effort. Once you realize the moment, you will notice that you have been there for a while. If you do not follow rule number one, you will still find yourself in Love. You will eventually be ONE as a whole after painful units of time. The most difficult and challenging time will be when you realize that you were given the signs to follow, and that you did not. You will realize that your true love was communicated to you in one way or another before history. This could be a dream, a piece of fabric or a book with a name written on it.

#3. Love is not sexual

I know that I will disappoint many with this rule. There is nothing I can do about this. The truth is that the sexual feelings are strictly for the physical body. It is for the package that holds the soul to survive without real love.

The closest feeling to pure love is the love you feel towards your children. There is no doubt that you would sacrifice anything for your children. They are your main purpose and the most important being(s) in your life. You do not feel any kind of sexual feeling toward your children unless there is something truly wrong with you. This should tell you that the pure love is far superior to other worldly feelings. You can feel how your children are and know when they are in trouble as you are in tune with them, care and love them. They are in your dreams and in your mind at all times without any effort on your behalf.

You may use this rule to rule out the doubt in your mind. If you desire someone sexually, I can assure you it is not a pure Love.

#4. Love is a miracle

Miracle is defined in Oxford dictionary as “a surprising and welcoming event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency”. However, you just need to look around you to realize that everything is a miracle. One of the most brilliant minds of all time, Albert Einstein once said “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Einstein also said “Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.” These are two great observations by this bright scientist. I know that many of you are worrying about what you need to do in order to find that true Love. I just want to assure you that love will find you even if it means through a miracle. You might be realms or continents away from your love. You might be from totally different race or belief. You might be living by yourself in the middle of nowhere. The divine plan of The Architect has you in it and all planned out. If it is a miracle that will make the two meet, so be it. The ONE who created everything from nothing will surely strike a miracle. Even when your scientific mind is not ready to comprehend the divine miracles, you will have a series of coincidences that will fall in front of you.

#5. Don’t make assumptions for Love

Miracles and coincidences are around you through your life. In order to get you two in one place, it might require network of friends to be in place. These are “coincidences” that are the building blocks of the divine plan. Once you realize that there is something greater out there and become aware, you may be inclined to follow the crumbs of miracles. This will only confuse you since you as a human being is not at the capacity to understand the complexity of this plan and end up with false interpretations of the coincidences. You might find yourself chasing the love to find it instead of waiting. This will only set you back. Do not try to understand but focus on purity. You will not be able to understand love with your mind, but only through your heart.

#6. Love has a surprise effect

If you are aware of the divine plan and see yourself in track, you might be expecting or dreaming of this miraculous meeting. You might have a plan on your own. All I can tell you is not to worry about it. You will have no control over it. Love does not care how much you are ready or how much you are prepared. It will surprise you. It will show itself when it is totally not expected. It will make you cry for years to come. The feeling of climax of your love story will never end. It is a light that will shine from within and without. It will be the figurine that is made out of the thinnest glass of light which you will only touch with a light from your fingers. It will be a light that will warm you, burn you and consume you. You will even be afraid to touch.

#7. Love requires distance

When you love something so much, you want to keep it safe. Any piece of object that you love and have a meaning are usually stored somewhere where you can see it all the time but away from danger. You have guest towels, table clothes and dishes you only take out on important days. Once you have true love, you will try to do the same thing. You will try to keep it safe, even from yourself. You will be scared to hurt it in any ways. You would like to see it, hear it, feel it; from a distance where you can reach when they are in danger to sacrifice your own life to protect it, but still far enough to have their own space.

#8. Love has free will

Although love must find you with its own free will, both individual must walk into the Vesica Pisces themselves. You cannot force or lead love. They might be in a relationship or in another commitment. They might be happy with where they are. You need to be happy if they are happy. If you are feeling any kind of jealousy, then you do not have a true love in your heart. You need to remember that true love is not for physical life or for this world, but it is for the eternity. Once love finds you, you should know that it will always be with you. Try to enjoy it. You will now possess supernatural powers within you which will make it easy to make things happen. Respect free will! Even the Supreme Architect respects your free will!

#9. God is Love

There are very few who will be able to understand and accept the secrets of true love at the first time of reading this. You will go through stages in your life and will understand something different each time you read this article. You will eventually and hopefully comprehend the previous eight secrets. Once you have the light of the pure love in your heart and soul, you will realize it is not a human being that you are in love. The whole experience you had with Love was actually with the Creator himself. Bible essentially gives a simple equation: “God is Love”. Being One with yourself which means having both part of your souls to be united - is necessary for ascension. Once this is complete and you are soaked with light of pure love on the soul level, the next step will be to be aware of your Oneness as a part of the whole ONE.

Keep your faith regardless of endless difficulties you are going through. There is a light at the end of the tunnel which will worth everything. Let the light shine your path!

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