Wednesday, May 20, 2015

RE: Google set to free Photos from Google+ once and for all

Google is gearing up to launch a photo-sharing service independent of Google+, a new report suggests. http://mashable.com/2015/05/20/google-photos-google-plus/

It was first in Picasa service, then moved to google plus and now it is again being moved. The final destination of photos will probably be in Google Drive which should have been in the first place. I hope that Google is realizing how annoying to have your photos being moved around.


  1. There are several photo backup/storage and sharing sites available on the web. I wanted to give a list of them with a short description to guide those that are looking for them.
    1. iCloud: Even though it is not my favorite, iCloud offers two main photo storage options. iCloud Photo stream let you store the last 1000 photos for free and iCloud Photo library offers 20GB of storage for a dollar a month.
    2. Google+ (soon to be Google Photos): It currently offers free unlimited storage for uploads at a size of 2048 pixels and less which is acceptable for sharing. It offers several photo editing tools and is actually not bad as a photo cloud option. However, the service has been changing from one app to another which makes it hard to become familiar with it.
    3. Amazon Photos: Amazon recently introduced its online photo storage to the market. It is currently offering unlimited picture storage as a part of Amazon Prime. It is $12 a year for non-prime users. I do not think it is ready for prime photo storage market though as the service lacks many needed features.
    4. Dropbox: Dropbox offer an excellent cloud storage and one of the first in the cloud storage market. They recently started to offer photo specific Carousel application which is not bad, but still lacks features you might need in a photo storage. It currently costs $10 a month for 1 TB.
    5. Microsoft OneDrive: OneDrive is my go-to cloud storage for documents. It is especially great when working with Microsoft Office. It also offers decent storage size of 30 GB by default if you enable photo backup on your mobile device. It is a basic storage for photos and lacking many features that might be needed for an ultimate photo storage cloud.
    Even though there is still no perfect solution for photo cloud storage out there, I hope this would provide some insight to those who are looking for a place to store their photos.

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